Thursday, March 29, 2018

October, November, December 2017

I know I am waaaaaaaay behind, but I do want to try and keep up with things.  It is always so much fun to be able to look back on all we have done.  The end of last year passed in a blur, so I am glad that I have some pictures to help remember what happened.

Emma had an orchestra concert.  We love watching her play, we are sad that she is planning on not playing next year.

 My nephew had a Harry Potter birthday party and we had to get a few mug shot pictures.

Hannah and Emma finished another season of volleyball.  I wasn't able to get a picture of Emma's team, but she did play.

Emma hit a bit milestone, she got her learners permit!!  It's been an adventure teaching her to drive, but I am so excited for her!!

We made a visit to the pumpkin patch - this was one of the first places that Emma drove us to with her new permit!

Emma got this new shirt that she loves

Dan was being silly

Then came Halloween.  It seemed to sneak up on us this time, but it was fun nonetheless.

Even after being married sixteen years we still have a good time.  This is when he was trying on things at Burlington to make me laugh.  Haha!

This is how my Jack liked to sleep sometimes.  I miss the little guy (more about that in next post)

A family picture for Thanksgiving.  I have so much to be thankful for!

Sometimes Emma and I sneak pictures in during church.

Tobi likes to hang out right next to me whenever he can.  He is a monster dog, but I love him.

We went downtown to Temple Square one night to see all of the Christmas lights.  It was cold, but so fun.

For Family Home Evening one night we made gingerbread houses.  Some turned out a little neater than others.

Then, before we knew it, it was Christmas.  We had a big surprise waiting for the kids, so I was very much looking forward to revealing the awesome news!

Then we got to reveal the good news . . . In February we are going to Disneyland!!!!!!

Love these silly girls!!

During Christmas break we got together to make chains counting down until our Disneyland trip.

Then Cali entertained us by putting on all of Hannah's clothes.  Hilarious!!

For New Years we did some games at our house.  It's always a good time with this crowd.

And now finally, I have finished up 2017.  Time to move onto the new year and all the fun we've been having since.