Tuesday, May 30, 2017

March / April 2017

What can I say, I've gotten a bit behind because of the craziness that is life.  We have definitely been busy over here and are looking forward to summer.  

We finally got our basement finished in March and it looks great.  One more thing checked off the list.  I would show some pictures, but I can't find any.  Yep, I'm that lame.  Hopefully I'll get some up the next time I blog.  

Other than that we have been waiting for the cold to leave and heading out on a few spring vacations.  

For spring break we went down to St George with my family.  It was a nice relaxing week getting away from everything.

Grafton Ghost Town

Silver Reef

We did a lot of hiking

This is where my dumb dog spent most the week.  At the dog sitters under a bridge.

Soon enough it was Easter!

Annual neighbor Easter hunt

And that is that.  May coming soon . . . I hope