Thursday, July 28, 2011

24th Of July At The Cabin 2011!

This post took me forever to finish.  My photo uploader has been really crappy lately.  It says it's uploading photos then just tries FOREVER and doesn't do anything.  Has this been happening to anyone else?  Grrr!!  Anyway, on to the post . . .

If it's hot here in the valley the best way to spend the weekend is up at the cabin. It's more quiet and much cooler. The 24th of July weekend is a big weekend up at the cabin. One of our cabin neighbors hosts a horseshoe tournament which means a lot of people and fun. Since Dan is in Washington DC right now the girls and I decided to head up to the cabin a little bit earlier in the week to get some extra relaxation in. So first thing Thursday morning we were on our way. We had a nice quiet first night with just the Franc's.  
Emma sings us a tune

Hannah enjoys Emma's show

Emma puts on an awesome gummy worm moustache.  Hannah was laughing hysterically, it was so cute!

The next day we spent a lot of time lounging and trying to build a place for the kids to play in the creek. The water was running a bit fast so we couldn't build our usual water park so we dammed up a little kid play area.
My mom took over as the fire starter after my grandma passed away.  She is really good at it.

The kids hanging in the cabin

Emma spent a lot of the day in this box.  Don't ask me why??

Emma splashes in the pool.

Payton has a bigger splash.

Kyla and Cole hang out in the dirty pool.

Kwinton J didn't want to be in here.

The creek was still running a bit fast so we built this play area for the kids.

Testing the waters.

The finished Product!

Saturday was the big day for the parade, games and horseshoe tournament.  This is such a fun day for all!!!

We get more kids every year.

Cali getting ready for the parade to start.

Meg, Amber, and Amy chatting before the parade.

Two cool dudes.

Are we ready to go?

Off we go!!!

Thanks for the candy Payton!

Emma zoomed by.

These kids were walking . . . slowly.

What a cute bunch on the 4 wheeler.

Wasn't that a quick parade?  Just the way we like it.   :)

Grandpa is always ready for a parade!

The boys didn't want to watch the parade so they started some horseshoes instead.

They made it back!

Kwinton J gets ready to dig in the sawdust for prizes and candy!

Amber explains the rules.

Sam and Jeffy went first.

Then it was Cole, Landrie, Jarom and Kyla's turn.

Next came Enoch, Payton, Hannah and Cali.

Emma, Sierra and Gabe waiting for their turn.


While no one was looking Jeffy found some leftover food.  He was in heaven!

Now they all get to go!

Watch out for flying saw dust.

We played a game with wet sponges.  The kids screamed because the water was so cold.

Hannah did not enjoy this game.

Then Chris started a water fight.


Braxton and I tried really hard to win the horseshoe tournament this year but we failed.  Maybe next year.  The winners were Rod and Lori!!!!

I had such a great time at the cabin hanging with my family.  I look forward to this weekend every year.  Now let's hope that Dan can make it next year.  I missed him a lot.  

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