Friday, January 6, 2012


I can't believe we're already here at 2012.  I seriously have no idea where the last month went.  I know that I had a good time and lots of fun in December but looking back it all seems like a blur.  I love the holidays but am excited to slow things down a little and get back to normal (at least, as close to normal as we can get).  I haven't sat down and made any official "resolutions" but as always I am thinking of ways to better myself and my cute little family.  I felt last year was a year of organization for me.  I feel as if finally I have things working in an orderly fashion that in past years I was unable to achieve.  I start up school again next week so lets hope that I can keep my order together for the next few months because I expect this semester to be harder than the last.  I guess if anything I resolve to do more this year.  I want to laugh more, travel more, read more, blog more, help more, listen more, and spend time with family and friends more.  I want to challenge and stretch myself every day because I know that when I do put myself out there, I always feel so much happiness.  There is always something out there new to learn or try.  I know myself, the busier I am, the happier I am.  So lets get going with 2012!!


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