Tuesday, September 30, 2014

September 2014

So September came - The girls were headed back to school and things were beginning to slow down and what do we do??  Decide to take the girls out of school for a week and head to Disneyland!  I know, we must be going crazy, but it was so nice to take a week long vacation where Dan was actually NOT WORKING.  The girls loved having their daddy around all day long, which was nice, because he will be spending most of the rest of the year traveling for work.  

The week was awesome, and we had the best company.  We headed out with a few of our neighbor friends and we all had such a good time!!

We stopped in St George on the way down

The girls wanted me to try some new hair do's out on them

We swung by Dan's Grandpa's old house in Hurricane

Took a peek of the Virgin river

We also stopped by this little place just outside of Zion's

It was very beautiful outside!

We fed some animals

Then we stopped by Brigham Young's winter house

This is when the neighbors told their kids we were actually going to Disneyland and not just St George (my girls found out earlier).  We didn't get quite the reaction we expected.  Most didn't believe them, haha!

We made it!!!  DISNEYLAND!!!!

More of my trying to do something with their hair

Emma bought this silly tail!

I LOVE the river ride!  We always laugh the most!

My cute family!

Our first ride in Disneyland was Pirates - a tradition started by William F Taylor in 1960 - or so I hear.

Splash Mountain

After a long day at Disneyland

Tired kids

Beignets for breakfast the next day!

I took a drive with this crazy kid :)

Hannah picked the Tigger tail

Love the Toy Story ride!!

Waiting for World of Color to start

Week had a beach day in the middle of the week.  Emma spent all day using the boogie board in the water.  She LOVED it!!!!  I had no idea I had a little beach girl.

We had a sand castle contest

This was our guy

We almost had to drag her out of the water at the end of the day.  So fun!


On the river ride again

We had dinner at Goofy's Kitchen one night

On the Cars ride - I love Emma's super happy face

These two spent most the days holding hands - too cute!

Dan's always up for a siesta

Dole Whips!

The Haunted Mansion was all decorated for Halloween

California Adventure parade.  We had never seen this before.

Love these girls!!!

Time for the fireworks show and to say goodbye to Disneyland!!

Soon enough vacation was over and we were back to normal life.  We are still trying to catch up with missed homework, but I think we are almost there.

Hannah has claimed my robe as her own

The girls picked out these silly hats at Target

And I cannot leave without mentioning that today is my Emma's 12th birthday!!  Can you believe it, 12 years old?!?  12 years ago she came into this world (and didn't make it easy on me) and my world changed forever.  I am sending her to YW volleyball practice and her first day of mutual tonight, and I'm still wrapping my head around that.  I love my funny Emma SO MUCH!!!

Little Emma on her 1st birthday!!

This morning I told her to close her eyes because I had a surprise . . .

. . . then I covered her in silly string!!!  HAHAHA!!  You can see how amused she was.


Alright, so let's move on to Fall!!

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