Sunday, August 9, 2009

Kickball In The Wind

Thursday night we weren't sure if we would be playing our kickball game or not. The weather wasn't so great. It wasn't raining so we decided to drive out there anyway to see if the other team showed up . . . they did. We played one of our best games that night in the wind and we even got our first win!!! I just had to get some pictures of the whole thing. We ate dirt all night and there were times when the dirt kicked up so bad that you couldn't see where you were going. Not to mention you would throw to third base and the wind would pick up the ball and carry it to second. Andy kicked us a few awesome home runs and Chris R. got his first home run of the season. It was great!! My mom took over second base and I moved to pitcher. She totally showed me up over there. I tell you what, don't mess with my mom. We had too many people so my dad was the one who coached us to our first victory. Go Destroyers!

Arriving at the field

My dad practicing his coaching on the kids

Off we go

After a rough inning at short stop I moved over to pitcher

Again I tell you, don't mess with my mom


Emma took this strange picture of Gabe

I don't know if they could see anything in the dugout with all that wind

See all the dirt specks in the air

More wind and dirt

We did it!

We're Number One! (for once)


  1. You're family is so fun! You really get into your kickball, eh? Seems like you guys are always having an adventure. I never see anything for Dan's side. Do they live away or something? Or maybe they're just not as close?

  2. Looks so fun! I haven't played kick ball in years.