Sunday, September 20, 2009


Ok, so I'll be the first to admit that this may seem a little strange, but I am a huge Hanson fan. They are one of my favorite types of musicans , singer-songwriters. It didn't start back in the MmmBop days. I think it all started after their Christmas album came out. I love Christmas music and their's was my favorite Christmas album and it just kind of went from there. Two years ago I convinced my sister (not a big fan of Hanson but she loves me) to come to Las Vegas with me to see them in concert and we had a great time. I have once again convinced her to come on another adventure with me to see a Hanson concert in Denver. The tickets are booked and on November 3rd we are heading out. I'm excited for the concert but I'm also really excited to have a few days hanging with my sister without kids. We love our little munchkins but it will be nice to have a break for a couple of days. Thanks again Nikki for putting up with my weirdness and going on adventures with me.

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