Sunday, November 21, 2010

Harry Potter Party!!!

You might not be aware of this but last Thursday was a holiday.  It was HARRY POTTER PARTY DAY.  This holiday always occurs the day before a new Harry Potter movie comes out.  Ok, well at least around here it is.  We threw the party at my house this year and it turned out great.  Dan was once again out of town so he missed out on all the fun.  They always seem to send him away during Harry Potter week.  He is in the Slytherin house in case you were wondering.  Thanks to everyone who came.  Enjoy the pictures of all the fun. 

The Great Hall

This was the forest

Chris wanted to be a death eater so he made himself a shirt

We watched the first Harry Potter

Balloon game in the forest

The Horcruxes

Ravenclaw House

Griffindor House

Slytherin House

Hufflepuff House

Group Picture

Silly Group Picture

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  1. What an amazing party. I love the Harry Potter series! I am afraid that I would be in Ravenclaw, not Gryffindor. Love the decor.