Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mid June Update

On this here first day of summer I decided it was the perfect time for an update seeing as from this time through August it's going to get quite busy.  Last time you heard from me I had just gotten home from fabulous New York City.  Aaaahhh . . . .  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Oh sorry, I was just remembering how great it was for a moment but now I'm back on track.  The past month has been been slowly getting busier and busier.  We are very much enjoying this wonderful change in the weather and looking forward to Emma finishing up her school.  But enough of me jabbering about it, let me show you some of it.

Hannah graduated Pre-School.  She is such a smart little girl and she is very much ready to go on to kindergarten.  They went to Jungle Jim's for their graduation party.

This is her friend Makenna

This is her teacher Mrs Stephanie, she was such a good teacher

The graduating class

I went on a field trip with Emma where she got to spray the fire hose.

Then we went to Emma's field day.  When we drove up to the school and saw all the fun things going on Hannah got so excited.  Can you tell?

Snow cones


Running through the sprinklers

Emma and Hannah were good teammates for the relay

Sack race

Oops, those long legs did her in

Someone put this girl on the Volleyball team

Hannah tried hard but I just don't think she'll ever have the height

Hannah waiting patiently in line for her turn on the water slide

Hannah finally gets her turn on the slide . . . and she runs down instead of sliding

 Last Saturday we went to the zoo for Samuel's birthday.  We all used our CityPasses.  We are getting a lot of use out of them.
The girls (and Gabe who snuck into my picture)

The boys

Our Posse

You can't go to the zoo and not visit the lion drinking fountain

Be careful Jarom or you might fall in with the monkeys

Kwinton J had a great time

The Routsons joined us too

The kids examining the monkey

All of our little monkeys by the gorilla

Then we headed over to my moms for cake and ice cream

Happy Birthday Sam, he turned 2!

And finally, Emma had a program at her school.  She did such a great job with all the dances.

And that is all for now. 

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