Monday, July 23, 2012

24th of July Cabin Weekend

I will be doing a post for all of July soon, but because I'm going to have so many pictures for this past weekend I will do this separate post first. 

This past weekend was out big 24th of July cabin weekend.  Basically a weekend of fun, family, friends, food, horseshoes and more fun!!!!  It's honestly one of the weekends I look most forward to during the year.  This year was such a good time.  I love spending time relaxing, not worrying about anything, and laughing (and eating) until my belly hurts. 

The weekend (or end of last week, we got up there Thursday) started out very relaxing.  My dad and I were the first ones up to our cabin for the day and we spent the day hanging out, getting a few things ready and waiting for the Franc's to show up that evening. 

One of my favorite places to be!

My girls

We taught the kids how to drive the 4 wheelers, it was a bit frightening

Hannah driving

Jeffy had a fun ride

My buddy Fischer and the kids


The next day was a relaxing one also.  We continued to get things ready for the big day Saturday and watched all the people slowly start to file in.

We saw a deer the second morning right by the creek

We got to work building the dam

I love this place!

Emma floating down the river on an alligator

I got a new camera and had fun playing with all the settings

Craft time!  We had all the kids make bags to hold all their goodies in.

Bronson got in on the fun

I've never seen a sillier group of boys

Relaxing on the porch.  What a great way to end the day.

Saturday was a day full of fun!  We always start the day will a parade down our dirt road.  The kids did a great job decorating their bikes for the event.

My dad loves to dress up for the parade

Look how cute they all are!

The parade is about ready to begin

Dan made it home from DC and up to the cabin just in time for the parade!

This was about half of the parade watchers at our cabin.  You can see it's a can't-miss event.

My cousin Braxton loves pictures.  I had to sneak in to get this one.

And just like that the parade is over just after it began. 

Kwinton and I were partners in the horseshoe tournament this year.  You can see he was so excited about this.

Amy and Amber did a great job with the face painting.

Too cute!!

More fun with the fish eye lens

Nikki did duck races in the creek

One of my favorite parts of the weekend.  The kids get to search through the sawdust to find candy, toys and money.  So much fun!

My cousin Hayden does a good job putting up with me.  I love to bug him constantly.

In the afternoon it starting raining . . . then it started pouring.

We hung out inside for a while until it stopped raining

Sam was so tired he fell to sleep at 5:00 on Saturday evening and didn't wake up until about 7:00 the next morning.  He must have been tired.

Kayson is such a cute boy!

Fischer and Amber

Amber loves hugs so Dan got one too

We didn't do so well as horseshoe partners

Nikki played in the mud and darkness and ended up taking 3rd in the horseshoe tournament

They still are brace face buddies

Kwinton Jeffy likes to get very hyper when it's time for bed

Chris and Nikki

Nikki's prizes for taking 3rd place

We spent the last day cleaning up and winding down.  It was such a fun weekend!!

Thank you to everyone how helped make this weekend great!  I hope everyone had a great weekend too! 

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