Wednesday, January 30, 2013

January 2013

So here we are at the end of January (ok, so maybe there is one more day left, but lets pretend).  I must admit, I'm not a big fan of January and this January didn't disappoint.  I spent the first few weeks of this month with a crappy cold that took forever to go away, but  I am grateful that I have so far avoided the flu so far (knock on wood).  Then we spent the middle part of the month trying to get that darn kidney stone out of Dan.  They finally realized that this thing wasn't moving fast enough and it was time to blast it.  Last Tuesday was the big day, the stone was finally pulverized!!!!  And lets not get started on the cold, snow or inversion.  Wow, I am sure sounding like a downer.  Ok, no more complaining.  Even though all of this was going on, life was still great as ever.  I spent some good time with my family and friends and that almost ALMOST makes me forget we are in the middle of winter.  Oh, and one other bright moment of January was my yearly time spent volunteering at Sundance.  It was nice to drive up out of the smog of the valley and see the blue sky and hang out with all of the festival goers.  Now we are here, end of January.  This blog post does not contain a lot of pictures because if I took pictures this month they would mainly be of snow, Dan lying in bed in pain with kidney stones, me hanging out in my heating blanket and more snow.  So there you have it.  We made it, winter is 1/3 of the way over and that is a silver lining in my book any day   Enjoy the pictures while I start preparing for February where I just may be making plans to get out of the cold for a day or two.  :)   See you next time my one blog follower . . . and my mom/dad . . . but not my sister (she's not so good with computers, hehe).

This was yesterday.  The girls were helping Dan shovel snow.

My visiting teachers brought me this flower that dances in the sunlight.  There hasn't been much sunlight lately, but when there is and this little guy dances I can't help but smile.

It was so pretty up in Park City.

And here are my girls doing a little dancing playing Just Dance 2.

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  1. Cute girls dancing! And hope you keep feeling better! And glad they blasted that blasted thing! Those are not fun!