Thursday, February 28, 2013

February 2013

"Once when I was six and a half . . . or maybe I was six and a quarter . . . . . no wait, I was six and a penny!"  Hannah said this to me last night and I couldn't help but laugh.  She is so silly sometimes.

I hope everyone has been enjoying their February, I know I did.  Although the weather is far from wonderful, we had a chance to escape it for a few days.  I am also noticing the sun slowly rising earlier and setting later, which is always a good thing to me.  Daylight savings is right around the corner, and although I do not enjoy the getting up an hour earlier than usual, I do enjoy the extra light and the end of the day.  Before we all know it, spring will have sprung!!

This month really did fly by for me and it's probably because we've been so busy around here.  That's ok though, I'll take busy any day.  So onto it, this is how the Hastings' spent our February.

Dan was shoveling one day and I had him try on this purple hat.  Doesn't it look great!

At the end of last summer we started planning a trip to Disneyland with my cousin and her family.  At the time Dan said that he already went to Disneyland that year so he didn't want to go.  Fast forward to about a month ago.  The trip was coming closer and he started to feel sad because he would miss out with the trip with all his girls.  By this time he already had work stuff assigned that he couldn't get around so he did not end up coming on the trip with us.  We missed him, but still had a great time with the Routson's.

It was such a great thing to get out of the cold for a few days, I was just as excited to have good weather as I was for the trip.  Here comes A LOT of pictures.  If you dislike pictures, or Disneyland (Dan), or fun in general you can just scroll past it all.  I want to get the pictures up because my "one day" plan is to get  my blog printed into a book so that I can keep it as sort of a journal, because I am not good at keeping an actual journal.  Anyway, enjoy.

Emma, Kyla, Hannah and Payton.  Our first night out.

It was a very nice day, but I am usually cold at the beach unless it's a really hot day.  The wind off the water is what makes me cold.

Hannah wanted to take a ball of wet sand home and I told her no.  I'm such a mean mommy.

My beautiful Emma

I love this picture of my Hannah and Emma jumping in the waves in the background.

There was about a four foot drop on the beach so the girls decided to slide down it.

The first day we went into Disneyland they had this hot air balloon to promote the new Oz movie.

Here we are, we made it!

We shared a room with the Routson's.  They were great traveling friends!

Who doesn't love Splash Mountain?

All the little girls!

We met a lot of characters this trip!

My princesses by the castle!

Trying on hats.

We sat right behind the star wars show at lunch.  It was great lunch entertainment.

Always have to take a ride on the teacups.

They wanted dresses but that wasn't in the budget (I know, mean mom again) so I had them take a picture with their favorite dress.

Hannah to!

I told them to make their mean faces when I took this picture.  This is the best I got.  haha

Dancing in line to pass the time!

Mickey ears all around!

Amber did not enjoy Space Mountain.  Can you tell?

We stayed at the Castle Inn.  It definitely could use some updating.  New mattresses especially.

More trying on of hats.

Of coarse they picked out stuffed animals as their souvenirs   They love stuffed animals and they already have tons of them.

More hats . . .

At the Lego store.  They had some cool things built.

Hannah made this garden with her Lego's and really wanted me to take a picture of it, so here it is!

Balloon animals with dinner, what could be better?

All the kidlets.

Love this ride!

I got them lanyards this year, and their first pin.

Love the Toy Story ride too!

In the California Adventure Trail.

At the Rainforest Cafe.  I'd never been there before, it was great.

The gang!

I don't know where my kids get their weirdness from?

Finally!  We get to meet Mickey!

Playing the piano in Mickey's house.  Which reminds me, why do Mickey and Minnie have separate houses?  I thought they were married.  Maybe they are on to something, hmm . . .

Mickey changes clothes fast!

Hannah's first time driving!

Emma drove the yellow car.

Splash Mountain again.

Emma was sleeping in the back.  Shhhhhh!  hehe

Hannah dancing in the Innovations building.

Just chatting it up with Aladdin and the Genie.

Too cute!!

Hannah is one cool girl!

Watching the parade at the end of a long day.

Here we go again.  Another day of fun!

Emma sleeping again on the front row.

This muffin was seriously HUGE!

So was Emma's cookie.

Watching the penny movies.

Drawing a cartoon at the Animation Studio.  This is the first time we've been the Animation Studio in California Adventure, it was great!

Emma want's to be an artist and a vet when she gets older.

The new cars land was crazy busy, but so cool.  Doesn't this look real?!?

Look what we caught.

Flying high.  I like the happy yet scared look on Emma's face.  She does not like heights.

Look at all her flair.

We got a sneak peak at the new Oz movie coming out.  Looks like a lot of fun!

Hannah got bit by a duck when they were feeding them. hehe

Splash Mountain

The Haunted Mansion

Goodbye Disneyland!!! Until next time!

We made a stop in Vegas on the way back and took the kids to the m&m's store.

Standing on the bunk bed in our last hotel.
Love these two!!  I'm so glad to be their mommy!!

So there you have it, we got back from our trip on Saturday and having been going non-stop since then.  We've never had this much homework coming back from a trip before.  Oh well, it was worth it!

Well, time to head on into March.  Here's hoping to some warmer weather and a lot more fun!

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