Friday, January 31, 2014

January 2014

Hello people in the internet!!  I can happily say that we have made it though January.  January is a month full of cold weather and yucky air around these parts.  I'll admit, it is probably my least favorite month, but we made it though, and that's what matters.  We even ended up having some fun times this month, so all is well.  

The last week of December we decided to use our City Passes that we got for Christmas to go to the Leonardo and see the Dead Sea Scrolls.  It was enjoyable enough, but I felt like they moved us through the exhibit rooms like herds of cattle and I didn't care to see another clay pot.  All in all I'm glad we went, but it was awesome by any means.

The girls loved the kids art rooms

Playing with the green screen

Hannah's skeleton dancing

On New Years Eve we spend part of the night down at my parents house playing games with the family, then headed over to one of our neighbors to ring in the new year.  It was a great night with lots of laughs!!

Gabe's awesome dorky smile!

And because I like to embarrass myself, this is my impression of Gabe's dorky smile.  :)

This month my Daniel turned the big 35.  We decided to celebrate by heading out to Leatherby's!!!
That's a lot of people!

My honey!

Dan opening his present that we got him out of the quarter machine.  Haha!

This year was my 10th year volunteering for the Sundance Film Festival.  I decided this year that I didn't want to make the drive to Park City so I ended up volunteering downtown.  I still had a great time, and I didn't have to make the long drive.

Last month my mom and I bought Groupons to go see the ice castles in Midway.  We finally made it out to go see them.  It was so worth it, even though we probably could have been more prepared to stay warm.

Dan wearing Emma's panda hat

A little kid was following Emma around saying "look! there's a human panda!!"

Waterfall in the ice

Dan doesn't know how to dress for the cold.  He almost froze up there.  :)

They even had a fire dancer . . . awesome!!

Hannah is still playing Jr Jazz basketball.  It's so fun to see her learning to play and being part of the team.  Yes, she still seems as if she isn't sure what's she's doing, but at least she's having fun at it!

Although the snow had been slowly melting, my girls were still enjoying playing on what was left of it in the back yard.  I love seeing them having so much fun playing together.  It makes a mom so happy!

This past Monday we decided to go bowling for our FHE.  Nana and Papa Taylor came along with us and we had a great time.  I must say though, my only complaint about bowling is that I break ALL the fingernails on my right hand when I bowl.  Is it just me??  Anyway, that won't stop me, I do love to bowl!

Dan beat us all with a high score of 188.  Go Daniel!!!!

And finally this month, Emma did her first ever Science Fair Project!!  It was a lot of work and a bit stressful at times, but we are so proud of her and all the hard work she does and the creativity she has.  It made me think that we are now entering a new phase in life that will include a lot of nights doing school projects that are soon due, haha!

Although we had a wonderful time this month, I will not be sad to see January go.  I'm already bugging Dan about getting me to somewhere warmer ASAP!  I guess we'll have to see what this new year brings.


  1. Oh I am laughing at the sledding pics in your backyard! Hanhan looks great in the bball pics!

  2. Hi Angie! I just had to tell you I also always break all my right hand nails when I bowl. Ha ha! How annoying! (and it's fun to see your family! Tell Dan Hi and Happy B-day from his favorite cousin!:)

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one, haha!
      I will let Dan know.