Friday, December 5, 2008

Bed Bugs

This post is part confession and part question. First, I must confess that I lost my girls bedroom . . . again. The picture shows where the bedroom was but as you can see this is a disaster area and not a bedroom. I've gotten really busy this week because rates have been great that i've been working so much. Emma is still off track so they play all day. Not that I am complaining, they play so good and quietly, but this is the aftermath. Judge me as you will but keep in mind my lack of husband. He won't be home again until christmas. Anyway, because of the room issue i've been having my girls sleep in my bed with me. (I may never find them again if I send them to their beds at night) My question is, why is it impossible for a child to sleep still. I've got Emma that insists on snuggling while sleeping with me so I end up getting kicked, slapped and layed on all night long and
then there is Hannah who wiggles so much that i'm picking her up off the floor all night long. I just don't get it. I may roll over a couple times a night but if you've ever slept with a child you know that it is impossible for them to sleep still. Why???


  1. I'll guess that it's because a child's brain is still developing and the part of your brain that keeps you from moving in your sleep isn't totally on-line yet.
    Either that, or our kids just always know exactly what to do in order to push our buttons.

  2. I just have to tell you that I'm glad my girls' room isn't the only one that looks like that. The rooms are identical. I'm not judging you at all. As far as sleeping with kids goes. I just can't do it. It drives me NUTS! For the exact reasons you mentioned. They sleep in their beds and that's just how it is. Once in a while one or two of them will come in and snuggle once the sun comes up (that's the rule). But that's it. Maybe I'm mean.

  3. Maybe I'm blind, but it looks like a couple of blankets and pillows on the floor. And the beds are definitely still good to sleep in, they just need a good "arm sweep" Hee Hee