Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Random Dallas

We had a great time in Dallas this past weekend. Just thought I'd do a post pictures showing the random little things that happened.

Hats are bigger in Texas

Nikki and Dan getting ready. How sweet.

I found a $20 sitting next to this book in the mall

It had this message on it. I decided to leave it there. I just knew that someone else could use it more than me.

Kwinton being silly at the JFK memorial

This building was a church that was a gift to God (it said so). It's right next to Dan's work.

This was inside

City of Dallas




Whataburger, no bun

Our awesome KIA rental

This sign was posted outside a store that we went in. It didn't give us warm fuzzys.

The night we got to Dallas Nikki and Kwinton were watching Court TV and it just happened to be showing a story about a murder that happened in Dallas by this green building.

Running from the green scary building

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  1. You're right about the $20. But you should have brought it to me instead of leaving it there.