Sunday, April 26, 2009

Jazz Party

Last night we decided to have a Jazz party and watch the game. It was a lot of fun but would have been even better if they would have won. We had lots of good snacks and shot free throws to get tickets to win prizes. The kids even got in on all the fun. Congratulations to Amber for winning the big prize!

The prize table

The toy table

Nikki & Kwinton

Mom & Dad

The setup

The kids

Chris & Amber

Meg & Chris

Dan & Me

Kyla & the crowd

Shooting free throws

The kids turn

Emma won a treat

Amber was the ball girl (see the ball flying through the air at our "hat" hoop)

My mom said we could only shoot the silly string if we won but we don't listen too well

More silly string

My dad got in on the act



  1. Looks like fun! Next three games are OURS!!

  2. It was fun. You sure know how to throw a party!! Thanks for all the fun prizes and toys, it makes losing not stink so much!