Friday, April 24, 2009


My mom and dad went on a short vacation to San Diego last weekend. They came home to this . . .

I got to their house just as they were arriving home in the airport and saw the mess first. I first saw the crap all over the table and floor and thought 'what the heck!?'. Then I looked up and saw the gaping hole in the ceiling. I guess water had been slowly leaking somewhere and it finally just fell. I can't believe this happened when no one was at their house. Their house has someone in it 24 hours a day most of the time and it just happened to fall when no one was around. My dad and brother worked hard to patch up the hole. I'll see if I can get some finished pictures to post.

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  1. This same thing happened to my family when I was in high school. My parents and siblings all went camping over a 3 day weekend and I went out of town with my friend. I arrived home first and there was a huge mess in the bathroom upstairs. I was so scared thinking that maybe my parents had asked me to turn something off before I left and I had forgotten. Things ALWAYS have to happen when no one's around.