Thursday, September 25, 2008

My Noisy Neighbors

I have noisy neighbors. They don't try and be noisy but they are. I live in a small house in a small "private community" (whatever that means). We have small streets here, if a car was parked on each side of the road a passing car could barely squeeze between the two cars. Anyway, my bedroom faces the road and my bed is against the wall facing the side of the road. The point I am getting at (slowly) is that my head, as I sleep, is approximately 30 feet from my noisy neighbors driveway. They own a diesel suburban (up until last month they owned two) and a couple of motorcycles. So every morning that he comes driving home at 6:00 AM (he works the night shift most the time) I get to hear his motorcycle or the diesel truck pull noisily into the driveway. Every morning she heads out and starts the noisy diesel suburban and likes to let it idle for a good 20 minutes (mostly when it's cold outside but sometimes when it's not) or if he is leaving somewhere in morning he likes to take the motorcycle out and rev the engine until I wake up. They also like their country music. I love a good country song but there is no need to turn it up so loud that the whole neighborhood can hear it as you wash your car or load the kids in the car. I realize I'm complaining again, sorry it's been a crappy day. Does anyone else want to complain about their neighbors? If so, this is the place to do it.


  1. I too have a neighbor with an unbelievably loud motorcycle (we used to have them on both sides, but one moved away). That bugs me, but what's worse is that we split a duplex with a smoker...

  2. My neighbors are all nice, but their is one family that likes to mow their lawn as soon as the sun starts coming up. The biggest problem is that it literally takes them at least 2 hours to mow it. The funny part is that their yard is about 1/3 the size of ours and it never takes my husband over 30 minutes to mow and he does it at a reasonable time as to not wake up or disturb the neighbors! They also mow 2-3 times a week! The more I write the more ridiculous it sounds. If we weren't moving into the Fall season I might just go tell them how I feel about their mowing issues! I better stop now- I liked them when I started this comment so...

  3. Sorry I used the wrong form of their/there in the first sentence on my other comment. It should be "there." Being a teacher makes me crazy about things like that! I know I am weird, sorry!

  4. Smoking . . . yuck! Stink is far worse than any noise.

    I used to have a butt crack of dawn lawn mower every third day (I know this because she never missed a mow) that lived right across the street but thankfully she moved away.

    Oh, I also had a scream at my children every time they are getting into the car lady a few years back. That was horrilbe.

    Don't worry about any grammatical errors, I butcher the english language daily on this blog.

  5. Gotta love the neighbors. The other day my neighbor had someone in the ward come over and he was weed wacking her yard for like 2-3 hrs and this was like at 8pm. Then my next door neighbor, went off on the dude and swore up a storm and I happened to be outside at the time (taking out the trash) and I haven't heard someone go so crazy in a long time. But I can understand why he was upset, I guess the guy was hitting his windows and house with rocks, but still. Next day he asked if I heard him and I could tell he felt sort of dumb. But wow. I always get weird neighbors--it bugs!!

  6. We live in a townhouse (luckily on the end) and our current immediate neighbors are okay, but the ones before them were not. They would have loud parties and play Guitar Hero all night long and smoke pot on their back porch. The smell would leak into our house. To make things worse the baby's window is right over their back porch where they would get into screaming, cursing fights about once a month. Luckily, my husband is brave and would ask them to quiet down when it got REALLY bad.

    p.s. Hi, Angie. I was glad to see that you're doing so well, what with your cute girls and everything.