Wednesday, January 28, 2009

$45 To Feel Better, I Think It's Worth It

I don't want this post to come off as if I am complaining because I'm not. I've completely accepted the fact that I have Celiac disease and all that comes with it but sometimes it can be inconvenient. So I went to the Dr on Monday because I have a sinus infection (I get them a lot). Anyway, I ask the Dr specifically to write on the prescription to dispense as written because the name brand antibiotic was gluten free and if they tried to substitute it for the generic that wouldn't work because it is not gluten free. I have that fight with the pharmacy every time I go there. Now when I arrived at the pharmacy to pick up my prescription I waited and waited and finally the man came back and said there was a problem. He told me that my Dr wrote out the prescription for the name brand only and he couldn't substitute. I explained to him that that is what I wanted because of the allergy. He kind of stared at me for a second and then said "you know it's going to cost a lot more?". At this point I refrain from the urge of saying "yes, but it sure beats being sick for weeks and tearing apart my stomach because I took a pill that I'm allergic too" and just say "yes, I know". He then explains to me that they don't carry the name brand of that particular medication at that pharmacy and that they would have to order it in for me to pick up the next day. So long story short I don't understand why a pharmacy wouldn't carry a name brand medication of something as common as an antibiotic, and I also think that spending $45 to feel better is worth it. So there, Target pharmacy.


  1. I agree!! How ridiculous. I wish they wouldn't do the whole name brand/ generic crap. It gets to be a pain.

  2. $45 and waiting a day for the right meds is definately worth it... that is goofy that they don't carry the name brand... it makes me wonder how many of my perscriptions pharmacies automatically substitute for the generic that i dont know about (as long as they work for me, either is ok, but still makes me curious!)