Monday, January 5, 2009

Happy New Year - and possibly New House

I don't have many pictures to show from our New Year party because of two reasons. One - I had a migraine most of the day and didn't start to join the living until around 6:00, and Two - because we were all party poopers and headed home around 10:00. I know, how boring. It just wasn't the same without Dan and we had planned on going sledding the next morning nice and early but instead my mom and dad were kind enough to come to my house and help me start removing all the clutter and setting up Emma and Hannah's new bed set (thanks again Angie & Casey).

New Years Party

You may notice that there is only one bed in this room for two little girls but my reason is this - We are planning on putting up the house for sale in the next month or so and I want to get out as much of the clutter as possible before people start coming through. I've also sent nearly all of their toys to storage for the time being. This house is perfect for a new couple with one or no kids, a single person, or an older couple. It's just starting to get a bit cramped for a young family of four. I'm starting to get excited to have a new place to live. I just still have a lot of work to do here first.
So here's to a Happy New Year, and hopefully soon a Happy New Home!!


  1. If you feel bad about one bed for 2 girls I should feel like scum! I have one twin bed for all 3 of mine! We actually have 2 other beds from my uncle but no mattresses. Those things are expensive!

    Sorry about your migraine. Those are no fun.

  2. That's awesome! I didn't realize you were thinking about selling. I hope it goes fast for you!

  3. You consider a bed "clutter"?

  4. Yes, a second bed IS clutter when it's in a room that is only big enough for one bed. We can actually walk in there now, it's great!

  5. Hey, if you need someone to help you find a home and answer a million questions we know a good financial advisor and real estate agent we can get you in touch with...wink, wink.

    Sam & Jon