Thursday, January 8, 2009


I need to tell about the funny thing that happened on the night of the Sugar Bowl. We were watching the game at my parents house when sometime in the 3rd quarter the power went out. All of us adults were upstairs and we all let out a groan of disappointment. About two seconds later we heard a scream of terror coming from the basement. We had ten kids down there watching TV in a room with no windows. We all jumped up (at least us moms did the men just laughed) and ran down the stairs in the pitch dark to try and find all the kids to bring them upstairs to some light even though it was still dark up there. We tried to round up some candles and before we knew it the lights came back on. Soon after we were watching the game again and the kiddies were playing once again in the basement. Well, while we were watching the post-game show the lights went out again. Once again there was a groan of disappointment from us upstairs trying to watch the celebration followed two seconds later by screams of terror coming from the basement. This time we were thinking and ran down there cell phones in hand telling the kids to come to our cell phones that were lit up. Well we ended up getting ready to go and leaving my parents in the dark. The kids were the funniest telling us what they think happened. Gabe said that he though Jesus turned off the lights, Hannah said that a monster turned off the TV and the lights and I remember hearing some kid mention that we needed new batteries. They amuse me. Needless to say it just added excitement to our already fun night.

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  1. All seem like very possible causes to me. Isn't it funny how quickly kids catch on to concepts like machines and batteries?

    Nice to see you! I hope you don't mind that I found your blog. I'll send you an invite to mine.