Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Snow *groan*

We woke up to snow this morning (as many of you know). Emma ran to the window and was so excited seeing the snow. I remember being like that once upon a time. What ever happened to make (most) adults go from feeling the excitement of seeing snow to start groaning. Could it be that WE have to drive in it? WE have to shovel it? WE have to bundle children and ourselves up for it before we leave anywhere? I'm sure those reasons have something to do with it but seeing the girls get so excited made me wonder what happened. I made a promise to myself that I would try and enjoy it like I used to and not be Mrs groany pants. I actually do love driving in the snow. It's those other drivers that scare me. And, you can sled in snow and sledding is awesome!


  1. You should legally change your name to Mrs. Groany Pants. That would be the best name ever.

  2. Funny thing is that we didn't get any measurable snow here in Ogden. In fact, it was sunny that day. When I went to th gym I actually heard people complaining that we didn't get any. My thought was- they must not have kids that they have to take out in the snow, that is why they still like it! Liberty loves the snow, until she gets cold then it is all over. I just hate being cold all together, so... That makes me wonder why I am crazy enough to be going to the Utes game tonight- just to freeze my tail off, I guess!