Friday, November 28, 2008

Thanksgiving Family Pictures

I always try to take family pictures on Thanksgiving. I always get a lot of groaning from the guys and my brother constantly complains that we made him put a sweater on, but they always turn out great.

You can't imagine how many pictures I had to take of all the grand kids. It's nearly impossible to get eight kids to look at you at the same time let along smile. I did my best. I was surprised that we got the whole family shot just in two takes.


The girls by nana and papa's new decoration

The grandkids

Nana, Papa and the grandkids

My mom and dad

The Taylors (Sierra, Chris, Enoch, Jarom, and Meg)

The Francs (Gabe, Nikki, Cole, Kwinton, and Cali)

The whole fam!


  1. Nice job on your pictures! I've enjoyed your blog this morning and I'm so glad to follow it now. You guys are so cute. I saw that Harry Potter preview the other day. I was so disappointed when they announced the later release date. I want to see it already. It was fun to visit with you guys yesterday. We'll see ya later.

  2. Great pictures! I should start doing family pics on Thanksgiving but I'm not clever enough to think of that. We've never had family pictures done...EVER...until today. Isn't that terrible?