Monday, October 27, 2008


This is just to let you know how brilliant I am sometimes. Yesterday I changed my ring tone to help me get into the holiday spirit. I didn't think much of it and this morning me and Hannah were in sitting on my bed when from my bathroom came a loud creepy vampire voice saying "I VANT YOU TO ANSWER YOU PHONE" Well, as we all know Dan is still in Dallas and I'm not used to hearing any other voices in my house let alone a mans voice. It scared me so bad that I screamed and shook like someone who just saw a ghost. I had forgotten I changed the ring tone and it was at it's loudest echoing in my bathroom. Hannah jumped too and asked "What was that mommy?" with terror in her little eyes. I have never had anything startle me so bad in my life. I thought someone was in the house. After I screamed I thought "Did I just scream?" because it all happened so fast and then realized what it was. I was shaking for five minutes. It's not wonder I hate scary movies.

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