Thursday, October 23, 2008

My Sanity Savers

Here is a list of things I do or use to help save the last bit of sanity I have as a mother.

My car box. I have a Tupperware bin that sits in between my girls as they ride in the car that is full of papers, pens (not crayons, they tend to melt in the summer) books, toys, gameboy, my old camera, happy meal toys, ect that the girls can play with while I drive in peace. Yes, I have to constantly pick things up back there but it's worth the peaceful car rides.

My Stories. I have a tape recorder that sits by their bed so that I can play stories for them to help them fall asleep. My girls have always been good at going to bed and I think this plays a big part. I don't put songs on because that tends to keep them awake, it has to be a story.

My craft box. I have a box full of markers, glue, glitter, scissors, ect that I keep in my closet so when I need a little time to make a phone call or work for a few minutes I can get it out with a pad of paper and let them create.

My sucker bag. I keep a bag of dum-dums in the front seat of the car. That way if the bank is out of suckers (kids always know when you are at the bank) or if they want a treat, I'm always ready.

My cell phone. It's amazing how long you can keep a kid quiet in a waiting room while they play Pop-It or use my ear phones to listen to music.

PBS Kids. I do my best to get my children learning at a young age and I really love that PBS helps me do that. My two year old searches the house for super letters. It's wonderful.

So, as a parent, what helps you keep your sanity?


  1. Ooh, good thinking. I should have added that when I actually get to go into the office instead of work from home it's a good way for me to re-charge my mom battery.

  2. Sometimes I tell my kids they can't watch TV just so that when I really need a breather I can tell them to go turn on a show and I don't feel like they're watching excessively.

    Naps are great too! I love nap time. Just an hour or two for myself.

  3. Our portable DVD player and the dozen of Muppet videos I bought years ago. Gwen's addicted to Muppets and it keeps her quiet for the entire car ride. We don't go anywhere without them.

  4. Not having kids. That works pretty well for me.

  5. I should have know that was coming from someone. haha