Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Update: Wanted Man

I've called on Officer Franc to take over the case of the wanted man. He tells me "Not only does this jacket look good but it helps me be all that I can be". To which I replied "Isn't that the army's slogan?". And he answered "And the airport security guards".

Anyway, Officer Franc has uncovered a few more facts about our suspect.

He is a talented piano player who uses his music to put his victims to sleep.

He enjoys eating hamburgers without meat inside.

He has been known to carry around a women's purse as a laptop bag.

He's terrified of moths and crickets.

He once worked at Hot Dog On A Stick, or at least wore a shirt that might make you think he did.

He is known do dance and sing to his favorite musicals.

He's had about 1,000 kidney stones. (We think it's a world record)

His favorite show is Little House On The Prairie.

And finally, he once tried to blow up his mother-in-laws kitchen with a highly explosive bomb.

Here is a drawing of what this man may look like today. (Pretty much the same, I'm starting to think he's kind of handsome)

Once again we ask that if you have any information, let us know.


  1. That's gotta be a monster purse...

    I have seen him wandering Bryan Street in downtown Dallas. He was mumbling something about Utah on Oct. 10 and throwing himself under the commuter train if he didn't get to go. If you're in Utah, I'd beware!!!!

  3. You are so funny! I love reading your blog!

  4. I TOTALLY saw that guy!!

    I think it was on "America's Most Wanted"?! or maybe it was "America's Funniest Home Video's"?...either way, you may want to check into it?!

  5. Wow!! Sounds pretty deranged--be careful he might ask you to join in some of his Disney sing-a-longs!