Monday, July 7, 2008

Not for the squeamish

Me and my husband have become barf pro's. Now let me explain before you get too grossed out. We have been parents for almost six years now and it's amazing how almost immune you get to certain things, like barf. The first few times Emma would throw up in the night it was an all night hysteria. I would be sick and gag and have to wake Dan and we would argue who would clean up what and it was absolute madness. I would pick up Emma and set her in a safe (bathroom) spot and tell her not to move as she waited for us to get things cleaned up and in the washer. Then I would come in to her and gag as I would remove her clothes and have to bathe her. It wasn't fun and we were up most the night. I must admit now me and Dan are becoming pro's at the barfing in the night thing. Last night Hannah came running into our room crying so Dan grabbed her and set her on my bed. She said "daddy I barfed, will you clean it up". I know, she has such a vocabulary for only being two. So me and Dan looked at each other confused and he went in to check. I heard him yell "yep, she did". So I got up took Hannah to the bathroom and wiped her face rinsed the side of her hair that he barfed of and checked her clothes. Meanwhile Dan had already taken off her pillowcase and rinsed it off and had that and her blanket ready to throw in the washer. I started the washer pulled out the crib mattress from under my bed (their bed for when they are sick) and got her a new pillow and blanket and she was asleep in seconds. Me and Dan climbed back into bed and were also asleep again in no time. I hate knowing that I can deal with it so well nowadays but that's just the way it goes. But don't expect me to be as calm if it were someone else's kid that was sick. Now that's just gross.


  1. Yeah, the first time I caught Sam's vomit in my hands I knew I was officially a parent.

  2. That's disgusting, yet i've been there.