Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disgusting Sight Of The Day

So I was standing in line at Carl's Jr this afternoon and the man standing in front of me had not one but BOTH of his hands down the back of his pants on his bare butt. I know they were on his bare butt because I could see his butt and the fact that he had no underwear on. If that wasn't bad enough he sat down to eat right in my line of sight so as he was eating his hamburger all I kept thinking was that his hands on his hamburger were just on his bare butt. Needless to say I barely ate anything I ordered. Some people are so gross.


  1. Boy, Carl's Jr. sure attracts its share of weird people. Just today I felt like someone was staring at my butt while I was waiting to order, so I tried to block her view by covering my cheeks with my hands...

  2. That's so gross. Let's just hope it's not one of the cook's doing that in the back. Then we'd all be seriously ill!! That's pretty bad though!!