Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Packed And Ready To Go

So I'm heading off to Dallas tomorrow morning with the girls. I am so excited for a new adventure. Dan has already arrived at our hotel and says it's really nice and that we are on the 17th floor. Wow, lets just hope the elevator works (that is the picture of our awesome hotel). I'm planning on taking lots of pictures and keeping up on my blogging while I am away. I'm sure something strange is bound to happen in a strange city. Not to mention, I have work to do so I will surely be on the computer. Right now my biggest fears are; Hannah pooping on the plane, one of the girls throwing a fit on the plane, or when I get off the plane getting on the wrong shuttle to the car rental place and being stuck somewhere with two kids and five bags. Other than that once I have my car I have my GPS, my awesome driving skills and keen sense of direction I know I'll be fine. Wish me luck!


  1. Good luck out there! There is a really fun children's museum in Dallas that you should check out. Your kids will absolutley love it. You should also check out the JFK museum. Your kids won't really enjoy that one, but I was absolutely fascinated by it. It was good to see Dan the other night at the swim party. Have fun out there and be safe!

  2. You're going to have so much fun! What an exciting time for you guys. I know it's hard right now, but later in life you'll be able to look back and remember the fun times you had. Be safe!