Saturday, August 30, 2008

You Wouldn't Believe It

Check out this picture!! Can you believe it!?! Ok, so I didn't actually meet Johnny Depp, but I got to hang out with his wax double. I guess it's the next best thing. Today we went to the Ripley's Believe It Or Not museum which also houses a wax museum and house of mirrors. First we went into the Ripley's part and the girls really didn't like that. I thought the museum was a lot of fun and interesting but the girls just thought the whole thing was scary. Emma kept saying "take me to the exit". I guess through a child's eye a statue of the tallest man or the guy who had a horn out the back of his head may be a little creepy. When we finished there we went into the wax museum. That was a lot of fun and less scary for the girls. They still were a little creeped out with the wax people and wouldn't go near any of them, but at least they weren't near tears the whole time. The funniest part was when we went to the hall of presidents and I told Emma that's where we were and she asked where president Hinkley was. She is too cute. She saw Dr Phil and said "mom, that guy looks like Dr Phil. She also took one look at the wax Jesus and said "they didn't do him very good". I guess he didn't look like the Jesus she knows. Last we headed over to the house of mirrors. It was pretty dark in there even though the pictures are lighted by the flash. The girls had a great time in there and me and Dan had a great time laughing at Hannah for running in the mirrors head on again and again.


  1. Those are some fun photos. If it were me though, I'd dump your 320 ounce jug of soda over that Mr Phil dude and run the other direction.

  2. What's with the hostility towards Dr Phil. He magically fixes peoples lives in an hour on television every day.

  3. If by magically fixes you mean rips apart and keeps the therapy industry going by them needing to attend therapy for the next year to make up for what he did? If so, then I agree.