Friday, August 29, 2008

My Filthy Habit

I have a filthy habit. I guess not so much filthy as messy(and may I add, not very healthy). I like to drink large quantities of soda. Yep, I'm that lady you see at the gas station filling up her 150 oz drink. Anyway, when you are always carrying that amount of liquid in your car you are bound to spill. I can not tell you how many times I've spilled a full soda on the floor of the front seat of my car. And, it is a bugger to clean up, soda doesn't just come right up. Every time I do I curse (not really, if you know me you know I say stupid things like "gosh golly darn it") and swear that I am going to stop my filthy habit. So the other day I was driving around in my rental car when the inevitable happened. My large soda lurched forward and spilled all over my feet and floor of the car. I hurried to the closest gas station and tried to throw out as much of the ice as I could (I know they guy next to me was wondering what in the heck I was doing) then had to use my beach towel to dry up the mess. I couldn't quite clean it up as well as I should of being on the road with only a beach towel, so now I'm just hoping when I return the car that they don't notice anything weird (like a stain or a swarm of bees) and charge me a fee. I really need to quit this filthy habit, please send me some encouraging words or horror stories that will help me quit. (Or you could just slap me randomly when you see me and tell me 'you know why')


  1. They say that in order to overcome a habit you need to replace it with something. So maybe you could start smoking instead.

  2. I was thinking that or heroin.